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Helicopter rental services

When it comes to chartering private flights with JFT Jet, clients always have a range of jet charter services available to them. One of the options is chartering a helicopter from accredited helicopter operators.

Helicopters are very much their own category within the private air travel industry. Our clients choose to rent a helicopter over a jet when they don’t have too far to travel, want more versatility regarding take-off and landing locations, and wish to arrive at their destination enjoying the fullest VIP treatment imaginable.

You can reserve your executive helicopter charter with JFT Jet at any time. We have years of experience in delivering top helicopter services.

Why charter a helicopter?

The main reason is convenience. Particularly suited for short and medium-distance flights, helicopters allow for fast and convenient travels. Chartering a helicopter also gives you a lot of flexibility – helicopters can take off and land from locations closer to your destination.

Helicopters are smaller so you will find them more appropriate for landing in heavily populated areas such as inside city centers. Your private helicopter can land in a field, on private property if permitted, and on a helipad atop a hotel, office tower, or other building.

Because of that, helicopter rentals are very popular among flyers who want to land near special events such as parties, concerts, and sports games. Also, a private helicopter is often hired for special family occasions such as a wedding or simply for the experience of a helicopter tour. The latter may appeal especially to those who are after aerial photography and panoramic views.

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