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Private airline company JFT Jet said that demand for aircraft services in Cambodia seems to be recovering and gaining the support of Cambodian and foreign businesspeople since the Kingdom’s reopening after Covid-19.

JFT Jet managing partner Khek Khemrath said at Khmer Times Cross-Talk yesterday that after the reopening of Cambodia, JFT Jet now has a lot of investors and customers to support her company.

She added that the company is now focusing on the VIP service market for customers who want to travel to France, the US, Japan, Australia, and many other countries around the world at reasonable prices.

Khemrath added that in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, most customers who decide to choose a private jet package are not worried about contracting the new Omicron strain.

“I find that customers or business people choose a private jet service because it is time-saving, safe, and unobtrusive,” said Khemrath.

She added that JFT Jet is currently facing a number of challenges in travel to countries in ASEAN because of different quarantine requirements.

In Europe, some major countries do not require quarantine so the customer can freely book a direct flight, which is why JFT Jet is preparing a private jet service package to facilitate investors and businesspeople for easy travel to and from Cambodia.

“If we compare the cost of commercial flight service and private jets it is almost the same price,” said Khemrath. “I think private flights seem to be cheaper than commercial flights.”

She said that after the Cambodian government eliminated quarantine for businesspeople who are traveling from abroad into the Kingdom, most of the bookings for JFT Jet flights are from investors.

The main point of choosing a service package from JFT Jet is that all businesspeople and investors can fly direct to their destination quickly and safely for a low price.

“If we use a commercial flight and we want to visit one country, we need to follow the schedule from the airline company but with a private jet, it’s so different. It means that our customers can request to fly anytime. We can start flights in the morning or at night. We follow what the customer wants,” said Khemrath.

She added that recently JFT Jet has been working with embassies in order to make it easier for customers who wish to use its services to travel to their respective countries.

“Now we have some customers who use private jet service to prepare wedding parties abroad so we can arrange for a big jet from our partner to fulfill their requirement,” she said.

Marketing manager Sok Sopheaktra said that JFT Jet is proud to provide customers with private jet services, domestic flights (helicopter), and VIP car arrangements, both domestic and international while providing safety, comfort, and privacy.

“Currently, we, JFT Jet, have the strong support of VIP customers because we focus on safety, privacy, and comfort,” he said. “The founders and staff of JFT Jet are optimistic about the company’s future.”

Sopheaktra added that customers could also use emergency overseas medical services with their partner KAA (K-Air Ambulance) to transport patients to hospitals abroad via emergency aircraft that can even fly to European countries

“We have a professional team waiting to consult and provide private aircraft and emergency aircraft services to customers 24/7,” he said.

“When thinking of safe, private, and comfortable flights abroad, please think of our JFT Jet company,” Sopheaktra added.

Source: Khmer Times

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