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Why should you fly private?

You might think that boarding a private plane is a privilege that only celebrities or extremely wealthy people can enjoy. However, it isn’t necessarily true. The private flight industry has evolved over the years and has become a lot more accessible.
The idea of flying on a commercial flight can be stressful to some. Private flights offer an alternative for those who want more comfort, privacy, flexibility and convenience, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are some reasons why you should consider flying private:

1. Save Valuable Time

Flying commercially can be a hectic experience that costs you a lot of precious time. You have to take into account security lines, crowded airports, long waiting times before boarding…
With private jets, you are up in the air within 15 minutes after your arrival at the airport, saving you an average of 2 hours compared to commercial flights!

“A business jet, when used properly, is a productivity enhancement tool. A time machine, if you will.”

2. Travel stress-free

Traveling by private jet is a completely stress-free experience. No cramped spaces, no waiting lines, no noisy fellow passengers, no shared bathrooms… You don’t need to worry about any of it, and will get from point A to B in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.

Your everyday life is already stressful enough; traveling shouldn’t be.

3. Improve your work efficiency

People fly private for a variety of reasons and purposes. One of the main reasons is for business purposes, hence why the term business aviation is sometimes used interchangeably with private aviation.
Working while flying can be a great opportunity to get things done and be productive in the air, but it is hard to do so on a commercial plane, where there are many distractions. The quietness and privacy of a private jet cabin can be the perfect place to have an efficient work session, or even work meeting, saving you precious time at your destination.
Flying private also ensures that you reach your destination more quickly and efficiently, which allows you more time for your important business matters upon arrival.

4. Have more privacy

In addition to being a better option for business people, private jet charters are also a good alternative for those who greatly value their privacy.
When you’re on a commercial flight, other passengers might get loud and invade your personal space. You could spend the entire flight worrying about everyone around you.
As the name “private jet” already suggests, when flying on private jets, you and the people you are traveling with will be the only passengers on board!
Anyone looking for privacy should consider flying private for their next trip, whether that’s a romantic getaway, a business trip or a family holiday.

5. Experience comfort and luxury

Flying on our private jets is a particularly comfortable and luxurious way of traveling, that offers roomier seating, freedom to wander around the cabin, and a customized service. You will also have access to a minibar or/and more extensive catering options!

6. Eat culinary delights

How many times have you complained, or heard people complain about the food and drinks served on commercial planes? When flying commercially, you are stuck with few food options that cannot always meet your dietary restrictions.

When you fly private, you are the master of your culinary experience. You can pre-order your preferred meals in advance, select the beverages of your choice, and take off with all your favorite snacks.

7. Convenience and flexibility

Private jets make travel more convenient in many ways. Bookings are extremely flexible. While commercial airlines charge you a lot more for last-minute trips, private jet charters charge the same price, whether you plan on traveling in a few days or in a few months.
Moreover, private flights are on-demand, which means that you can schedule your flight at the time and day that are more convenient for you.

8. Get access to more airports

With a private jet, you can fly to exclusive airports that are inaccessible to commercial airline flights. You have the luxury of choosing which airport you want to land in, to be as close to your destination as possible.

Did you know that in the United States alone, business airplanes can reach around 5,000 airports, whereas commercial airlines only have access to about 500? (Source: NBAA)

Some examples of airports accessible only by private jets:

  • La Môle airport in Saint-Tropez, France
  • Kortrijk-Wevelgem airport, Belgium
  • Courchevel altiport, France
  • London Biggin Hill, UK
9. Get access to private terminals and lounges

Flying private also means traveling to and from small business terminals and private lounges, which is the perfect way to avoid busy crowds at large terminals.

You can check out our own The Aviation Factory private lounge at Antwerp airport as an example, which will leave you feeling like a celebrity!

10. Travel with fewer baggage restrictions

Our private jets have generous baggage allowances, that are less strict on weight and size than commercial flights. While commercial airlines require you to pay extra fees for oddly-sized items such as golf bags or skiing equipment, you can take them all with you for no extra fees on our jets!
Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost amongst other luggage or on the way, and retrieving it at the airport when you fly privately. You are always in direct contact with your aircraft crew, and you can collect your luggage as soon as you exit the airplane.

BONUS: Even your pets are VIP!

We know that pet owners want to travel with their pets. Our private jets allow you to bring your pets along, and our crew will treat them like the real VIPs that they are!

These were some of the reasons why you should consider flying private with us, and there are many more! Regardless of your reasons, you can contact our team at [email protected] for inquiries on chartering a private jet or receiving a custom quote for your next trip.

We guarantee that you will have a first-class experience. From start to finish.

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